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What we do

Skout leads to better results with high-quality Sales and Marketing Data

high quality

What makes it the best? We have first hand knowledge of where to find it, how to acquire it, and how to use it. With a combined 50+ Years of experience in Sales and Marketing Strategy, we are hands on and detail oriented, with the highest of standards.

You’ve got an awesome product or service and you’ve developed the perfect strategy to reach the audience. In fact, if your plan was a sports car it’d be a Ferrari and Skout is your high octane fuel.

How does Data Maximization work?

Data Maximization utilizes some or all of a client’s existing data as a starting point, and we work to build upon and around that. We recently did a project where the client asked us to expand a specific segment of their database. They gave us the phone number and street address for just over 1,000 companies, along with one contact name and their email address.

We returned almost 6,000 new contacts at those same companies that they were able to integrate into their marketing and sales campaigns. Data Maximization works well for Account Based Marketing or where a client has an existing B2B database.

How does Data Sourcing work?

Data Sourcing projects are based around key criteria related to the audience our client is targeting, instead of building upon an existing database. Data Sourcing works well for both B2C and B2B campaigns, with key criteria such as geography, age, gender, and household income for B2C initiatives or geography, # of employees, annual sales volume and type of business for B2B.

Examples our B2C Data Sourcing clients are service companies that install residential alarm systems, water filtration equipment and solar panels or insurance agents and financial service providers.

what is Data Validation and Hygiene?

Validation and Hygiene address different aspects of data health and send-worthiness. Validation is a process where a signal is sent to an email account to verify that it’s active. But just because it’s active doesn’t mean it’s safe—that’s where Hygiene comes in.

Hygiene is a process that scans for the things that can shut down email campaigns or negatively impact your domain reputation. Spam traps, moles, phishers, seeded trackers and complainers are just some of the types of nasty that’ll be flagged and set aside with hygiene.

If you’re reading this you likely hold some degree of responsibility for how your company approaches this topic.

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