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our process

Skout leads to better results by expanding your data while extending your budget

Our Analytical Approach

On the surface, marketing data acquisition can appear pretty simple and straight forward and we recognize that in today's world, sales leads can be obtained in any number of ways. Most of our clients have tried other avenues in the past but were disappointed with the outcome because there's also any number of ways the process can go awry if certain steps and chronology are not followed.

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities, and results in a strategy that includes a project plan with timelines and cost optimization.

extending your budget

Skout helps extend your budget several ways. First, because buying and understanding data is our core business we move large enough quantities to allow us to meet or beat virtually any rate offered elsewhere.

Prior to working with Skout, our Data Maximization clients typically have spent well north of $10 per lead to gain the pool of prospects which we build upon for a fraction of the cost.

Getting it Right. We’ve said it elsewhere, but many of our clients have tried other avenues like D&B and Hoovers which provide self-reported and often outdated information at super-high rates. Others have tried InfoUSA which only provides limited depth of information at high rates, or various pre-set lists that’ve been reused and resold countless times to other companies. The results from sources like these can be disappointing, and expensive.

When you work with Skout you get high-quality data that’s specific to the needs of YOUR company and YOUR campaigns, not pre-packaged, erroneous or outdated. Your company, your budget and your campaign win. Let Skout lead the way.

If you’re reading this you likely hold some degree of responsibility for how your company approaches this topic.

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